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“The paradox of control”

In this dynamic and grasping talk, Olympic Gold Medal winner Mark Tuitert presents us a lesson – based on his experience in speed skating – that can be applied to all walks of life: Let go of control, accept what life throws into your way – that’s how you will win.

Even though the Olympic Games 2016 are over now, with Mark Tuitert as our speaker at TED x Nyenrode 2016 the Olympic spirit lives on.

Mark is a speed skater who has participated in several Olympic Games and even won the gold medal in speed skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics. He’s also participating in the Sports Leadership program at Nyenrode Business University due to his interest in linking sports with entrepreneurship.

Additionally, Mark is an inspiring speaker and coach – talking about dreaming, personal limits and success and ‘the art of the peaks’ and ‘how to get the best out of yourself’.