Speaking with passion

As a speaker, Mark shares a passionate story about dreams about becoming stronger through adversity. About showing courage, making choices, working together successfully, taking personal responsibility and developing personal leadership. “Find your own limits. Dare to fail and bend setbacks and uncertainties into a driving force.”

Straight from the heart

Mark: “Competing and training for an elite sport was my method of personal development and my own business, as it were. The lessons I learned during my skating career went far beyond my profession. They were about life and taking responsibility”.

Get inspired

“The path to success and living a good life will mean something different to everyone. I share my story through image, sound and interaction with my audience. In doing so, I hope to inspire you to choose your own path and find your ‘drive’. The lessons I learned, described in my book ‘Drive: Train Your Stoic Mindset’ can be applied by anyone in any situation”.

Book Mark as a speaker for webinars

I am also available to speak to audiences online. This can be done from a professional studio setting or from home. During the webinar, I share my story and address my digital audience’s questions in detail. I discuss personal stories and offer tips. Examples include: how to deal with setbacks and how to adapt to changing circumstances. Are you curious about the possibilities or want to know more? Then please complete the request form for personal advice.

Bootcamp workout for your employees

I can also provide an enthusiastic training for your employees in the form of a boot camp workout. This workout will offer a clear explanation of the principles of a healthy lifestyle which includes moving and learning at the same time, a golden combination.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive more information.

‘Mark authentically demonstrates: behind the sports hero we all know is a flesh-and-blood human being who has learned that balance in life is crucial to being able to perform. Mark always inspires and takes the audience on his journey, without losing sight of the relevance to daily practice. During this virtual event, his energy burst from the screen, but at the same time, for example during the Q&A, he remained very approachable.’

Vincent Weijers COO

‘Mark inspired our employees with his personal story about craftsmanship, vitality and change capacity. He did so with great enthusiasm! There is speed in his story, humour, and yes, we did some skating too!’


‘Energetic, positive, surprising and inspiring, a presentation by Mark Tuitert. Highly recommended!’

Yori Wierda, Event Manager Post NL

‘Very inspiring and relatable about persevering to achieve success delivered in an engaging way. A 10!’

Martine Verloop-Barendregt, senior manager Accenture

Mark linked his story to the core elements very well so his story resonated and will hopefully serve as inspiration for our partners as they lead their teams in the months and years ahead.


Very successful and engaged keynote which motivated the team immensely!

Royal Philips

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