Olympic champion. European champion. World champion. Dutch champion. Sportsman of the year 2010.

The early years

Mark Tuitert's "roots" are not in ice skating. His first serious sport in childhood was inline skating. However, Mark Tuitert soon switched to long track skating, a much more popular sport in the Netherlands.

  • Holtens Schoolkampioenschap

    Holten School Championship (1990)

  • Skeelerperiode

    Skating period (1994-1998)

Debutant and all-rounder

Mark Tuitert was already successful in the juniors, earning among other achievements, the title of, World Allround Champion. As a senior he made his debut the European Allround Championships in 2001. At the time, the title eluded him due to a fall, however he managed to hold onto first place in the rankings. In 2003 he claimed first place in a full Thialf and the European title.

  • Wereldkampioen Junioren allround

    World junior all-around champion (1999)

  • Talent van het jaar

    Talent of the Year (1999)

  • Team Spaarselect

    Team Spaarselect (2000-2003)

  • Sponsorloterij schaatsploeg

    Sponsor Lottery schaatsploeg (2003-2006)


Soon Mark Tuitert decided to specialize in the short and middle distances, a successful choice, because he managed to win the final classification of the World Cup on the 1,500 meters twice.

  • Winnaar wereldbeker 1500 meter 2004

    World Cup Winner 1500 meter (2004)

  • Winnaar wereldbeker 1500 meter 2005

    World Cup Winner 1500 meter (2005)

  • Wereldkampioen ploegenachtervolging

    World champion team pursuit (2005)

  • Brons Ploegenachtervolging - Olympische Spelen Turijn

    Bronze Team Pursuit - Turin Olympics (2006)

  • Nederlands Kampioen allround

    Dutch Champion all round (2006)

  • DSB schaatsploeg

    DSB skating team (2006-2009)

Olympic Champion

After a few difficult years, with several setbacks, Mark Tuitert won the 1,500 meters rather unexpectedly at the 2010 Olympics. In a sensational race he managed to beat all the favourites.

  • Control schaatsploeg

    Control skating team (2009 - 2012)

  • Olympisch Kampioen 1500 meter

    Olympic Champion 1500 meter (2010)

  • Brons ploegenachtervolging - OS Vancouver

    Bronze team pursuit - Vancouver Olympics (2010)

  • Huldiging Willem Alexander

    Inauguration of William Alexander (2010)

  • Sportman van het jaar

    Sportsman of the Year (2010)

Last phase of skating career

After participating in the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, Mark Tuitert ended his skating career. Mark said goodbye in front of his own audience in a sold out Thialf at the end of the winter in 2014 and can look back with satisfaction on a successful top sport career.

  • Control schaatsploeg

    Team Beslist (2012 - 2014)

  • Kwalificatie Olympische Spelen Sochi

    Sochi Olympics Qualifications (2014)

  • Olympische Spelen Sochi

    Sochi Olympics (2014)

  • Afscheidswedstrijd Thialf

    Farewell match Thialf (2014)

Mark Tuitert

“My skating career has come to an end. It has been an educational and fascinating journey. From all around the world to the depths of my own core. Challenging and inspiring. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.”

Mark Tuitert

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