As an athlete, I always kept journals with notes on my ideas and thoughts. After my sports career, I started implementing them. In addition to lectures and media appearances, I have been throwing myself energetically into my own business First Energy Gum for many years. For me, entrepreneurship comes down to doing, discovering, constantly struggling and continuously improving.

First Energy Gum

Together with my associates, I founded FIRST to provide healthy energy source. FIRST is a functional chewing gum that contains caffeine to give you more energy so you can get more out of your day. As an elite athlete, I wanted a better alternative than coffee or unhealthy energy drinks, which is why I started FIRST after my career.


I did a considerable amount of home training, even before the Corona crisis. Eating well, exercising and sleeping are essential to your long-term health. And therefore worth investing time and money in. With Fitchannel, I designed a home workout program for anyone who could use guidance to get motivated to workout at home. For a year you will train, three times a week, with me. You’ll be provided with nutritional plans in addition to training videos (In Dutch).


The path to success and a good life will be different for everyone. Supported by image and sound and interacting with my audience, I present my story with honesty, vulnerability and openness. Whether it’s in front of a large auditorium or via a webinar, I love to inspire people and bring them into a story.

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